Recently  we evaluated a dog for adoption who was being held at a veterinary clinic following emergency treatment after being hit by a car. The dog, a female young lab mix, had been at the clinic for 4 weeks, was healed but had shown some aggressive behaviors towards staff and other animals at the clinic and there was a worry about re-homing her.

We took the dog to a local dog park with a neutral dog (a calm neutered male) to assess her  with toys, food, dogs etc.  Away from the clinic she was  happy, playful and friendly to the neutral dog.  She did not want to share one of the toys with the neural male but there was no evidence of aggression to people or other dogs.  We assessed her as suitable for adoption.

We are happy to report that the female was adopted shortly thereafter and is now happily playing with the other dog in the family (a nice neutral male).    It is important to assess a dog away from a clinic situation, where the stress of sickness and death may cause strange behaviors.