Canine Fitness
Canine Fitness is a fairly new topic in the pet world. It’s not just taking your dog for a daily walk, there are specific exercises that can improve your dog’s muscle tone and there are all kinds of equipment that will help and provide variety for your dog. If you plan to take up a dog sport, it is really important that you learn about fitness for your dog.

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 Canine Fitness is important for your dog.  Here at Happy Urban Dog we offer one-to-one fitness training and group fitness classes for dogs under a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) and Fitpaws Master Trainer.


Equipment we use

  1. Fitpaws bones
  2. Peanut balls
  3. Wobble boards
  4. Balance pads
  5. Steps
  6. Foam pads
  7. Cavalettis

Canine Fitness Class

6 week small group class  at our facility using interval training and balance equipment for core and limb strength and a cardio workout.
1 hour per session
$150.00 per dog & handler

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Canine Fitness Private Sessions

Does your dog need to be in peak condition, loose weight, is a senior, or has been cleared by vet to return to activities after surgery or illness?  We can evaluate your dog and devise a specific training program for you and your dog.

Call to discuss and schedule your appointment.  All sessions will be at our facility in Lutz.

Canine Wellness

Keeping your dog well is very important. It starts with high quality food – you can check your dogs food at We strongly recommend feeding your dog a 4* or higher food. The lower * foods usually include fillers, which increase waste and are totally unnecessary for your dog and can be related to common digestive disorders and allergies. Always look for a dog food that starts with a quality meat. You can also give your dog supplements, this is important for all dogs not just those involved in sports. Many people give salmon oil as a supplement and other functional foods such as cage-free boiled eggs, steamed fresh vegetables (carrots, green beans etc), wild caught sardines etc.