Mischief Managed….. Tales of our NO, No, BAD DOG!

In late January we fostered an almost 2 year old mini Australian Shepherd ( now officially a Mini American Shepherd) who has ZERO manners or any other training.  During the 1st week she jumped on our heads every time we sat on the couch and jumped over the fence to chase the squirrels and was generally wild on the leash and at all times unless she was sleeping!

Given that we love a training challenge and that she really needed a job- we decided to adopt this wild fur child, close to her 2nd birthday (February 16) as a potential agility prospect.  She quickly was given the nick name of No,No Bad Dog- her real name is HarleyQ.

One  and a half months later….. she is still wild but no longer jumps on our heads (much to everyone’s huge relief), she has learnt her basic manners sit, sit/stay, down, down stay, walk to heel and to recall.  HarleyQ is also learning some more advanced skills eg. mat work, the come-by, etc.  She started in baby agility classes and is able to do all the contacts (A-frame, Dog Walk, Teeter, Pause table) all the tunnels, and  jumps (of course) and is now learning to weave- she is very fast.    We still a long way to go but her progress is stunning!

Two years of nothing is being replaced with good behaviors and a dog that loves to work.  Of course if you give her a toy she will  manage to get into mischief and destroy it……. but she isn’t the No, No, Bad Dog…….

Mischief Managed


Updates on HarleyQ’s progress will be added here…….