Many people like to share their food with their dogs and with Thanksgiving approaching  we all need a reminder about what foods are OK for dogs and what aren’t (and of course this list is not exhaustive but just the general items seen on many tables at this holiday):

Turkey: Lean white turkey meat is a good source of protein for dogs but be sure to remove any excess skin that might have seasonings on it and absolutely no bones.  If the turkey has been deep fried this is not so good for dogs.

Onions, Leeks, Garlic, Scallions, Shallots (alliums):  these are not generally not good for dogs; although small well cooked amounts can be ingested by most dogs, large amounts or raw, can cause digestive problems  or other issues and therefore these should be avoided.

Cranberries: Cranberry sauce is OK for dogs, but watch the sugar content and if it has been made with sweeteners like xylitol  it is not acceptable.  Xylitol is poisonous to dogs.

Potatoes: These are OK for dogs but be aware of the extra ingredients that are often added- eg scallions are not good and although cream and cheese are fine in small quantities too much fat is just not healthy for a dog and can cause issues.

Green Beans: Plain beans are good for dogs but watch out for all the added ingredients – eg onions are not good and should be avoided.

Chocolate: Definitely NO, not the real thing or any baked goods with this in.

Grapes: Definitely NO.

Alcohol: Definitely NO

Apples: These are great for dogs raw, but no seeds and no cooked apples with lots of sugar (as in apple pies).

If you have any doubts on whether foods are OK you should  avoid giving them, if your dog does eat something and you aren’t sure about it you can call the  ASPCA Poison Control Hotline: 888 426 4436 or the National Pet Poison Helpline: 800 213 6680.

And have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

From Happy Urban Dog Training